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Assurance Health Care Financial Services is a medical billing provider serving NW Florida and Georgia. We have a passion for healthcare and forming long lasting partnerships with our clients. Practices just like yours are benefiting from our billing services in Georgia and you to can experience reduced stress, increased cash-flow and the overall productivity you have been searching for.

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  • Over 70 years of Medical and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management & Coding experience.
  • Experienced coders improve the billing workflow and save you money.
  • We can work with your existing electric records system to streamline the billing process.

The healthcare climate these days can be a challenge and even uncertain at times. Changes happen often and can be confusing. At Assurance Health Care when you become our client, we view it as our personal responsibility to stay current with industry changes and requirement adjustments so your practice is the most profitable and protected as it can be. The demand for qualified and experienced medical billing companies in Georgia is growing. We feel we truly fill the gap and give doctors and practices exactly what they are looking for in a medical billing company.

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