Florida Medical Billing

Our professional reimbursement team & medical coders can work with your existing electric records system to streamline the billing process. We're your premier medical billing services company.

Featuring Aged Receivables Clean-up. Get paid from insurance companies.

The Benefits

Streamlining your billing while bettering cash-flow, productivity and reimbursement.

Increase Cash-Flow

Even a small cash-flow reduction can cause big problems and hurt your business.

Improve Productivity

Experienced medical coders improve the billing workflow and save you money.

Maximize Reimbursement

Reviewing your claims prior to submission and checking for errors.



The advantage of a Professional Medical Billing Company

Assurance Healthcare Financial Services, Inc. is a Florida Medical Billing Company with a team of veteran medical billing coders in Panama City, Florida. We have a passion for healthcare and specialize in medical billing, revenue cycle management, reimbursement, insurance claims, filing, detailed coding and accounts receivable. Partner with us and our medical billing and coding services can reduce your teams stress, increase cash your flow and improve overall productivity. We're confident that we can help your practice with our revenue cycle management system.