Electronic Health Records

Many practices are using EHR Software, but may not realize that outsourcing their Medical Billing is actually more efficient than in-house billing. How so?

A Better Process

The process is actually simplified as information from a patients superbill is stored in the EHR and electronically transmitted to our billing service. There is no longer a need to provide the billing service with paper records. Accuracy is improved also, as their is no duplicate data entry.

Financial Sense

Outsourcing is financially smart too. With the coding completed by your EHR software, your billing staff may not be as productive as they where prior to EHR. Having the billing completed by professionals proves to be much more efficient. You save on personnel costs and increase the collection rate.

Easy Integration

We have certified coders and experienced billers who have worked with almost all the EHR softwares on the market. That means partnering with us is straight-forward and simple.