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The priority of Assurance Health Care medical coders is to review statements from your practice and assign standard codes using the CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS Level 2 and new ICD-10 classification systems. We know that education is key to becoming a skilled, proficient and accurate medical coder. That’s why we ensure our medical coding team is not just qualified from extensive training, but is experienced and exceeds expectations.

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What is Medical Coding?
In short, this is the transformation of healthcare diagnostics, services, procedures, etc into universal alphanumeric medical codes. These codes are created from the medical record documentation provided such as the physicians notes, or results. The task of the medical coder is to ensure the codes are applied correctly as part of the medical billing process.

Better and Faster

One major way we achieve this is by utilizing the latest technologies available. We also stay extremely informed so we are ready to adapt to any changes that come our way. Our software applications used for medical coding services enhance the workflow and provider faster service.


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