Blog: Medical Billing

May 1, 2018

5 tips on how to improve your revenue

1. Replace old credit card terminals with streamlined devices placed conveniently at each front-desk workstation. 2. Implement flexible payment applications that make it easy for patients to pay balances. Additionally, automated payment plans, keeping a credit card on file to pay small balances and offering convenient online payment options are just the types of handy […]

Sep 16, 2016

How to Get Paid Faster

Are you sending all of your bills once a month and getting a rush of questions and calls? Have you considered Cycle Billing? Cycle billing is – a method of billing customers at monthly intervals in which statements are prepared on each working day of the month and mailed to a designated fraction of the […]

Jul 9, 2015

A 4-point check-up for your revenue cycle management

There are a few ways that practice managers and providers can easily perform a profitability check-up against best practice benchmarks. Just like focusing on providing quality care to patients is critical to a health care practice, bottom line management can make the difference between successful claims handling and a battle of denials and errors. Time […]

May 21, 2015

Patients turned Shoppers

The rise in deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket premiums that has turned patients in to shoppers — a trend known as consumerism — has put an equal burden on healthcare providers. Especially when it comes to billing, collections and the other financial tasks tied to an organization’s revenue cycle. According to a new report by revenue […]

Apr 24, 2015

Five Facts about ICD-10

To help dispel some of the myths surrounding ICD-10, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently talked with providers to identify common misperceptions about the transition to ICD-10. These five facts address some of the common questions and concerns CMS has heard about ICD-10: 1. The ICD-10 transition date is October 1, 2015. […]

Mar 17, 2015

Optimizing the revenue cycle to support growth

Front-end financial processes–eligibility verification, registration, and patient payment and so on—set the stage for the rest of the revenue cycle. To remain competitive in today’s healthcare marketplace, physician practices must not only provide the best clinical care to their patients, but also optimize the way they manage revenue, making sure they preserve cash flow, limit […]

Apr 17, 2013

New Website Launch

We are happy to launch the new Assurance Health Care Financial Services, Inc. Website. Special thanks to the folks at for creating our new mobile friendly web presence. Bookmark our site as an information source on the Healthcare industry and for free advice on better managing your Medical Billing.