Experienced Gastroenterology Medical Billing in Florida & Georgia

We have years of experience working with the GI practices from all ends of Florida. This has been a key factor in the skills our Gastroenterology medical coders have been able to develop. Assurance Healthcare Financial Services is trained and certified to manage your medical billing and understands clearly the importance it plays on your bottom line.

Accurate Gastroenterology Medical Billing Services: It is a challenge for many medical billing services to accomplish accurate coding. A high level of knowledge, experience and training is required to ensure the maximum amount of reimbursement is attained. Underpayment tracking is especially important. Our Gastroenterology medical coders are specialists in your practice and will work with you and your team to ensure you are getting the most cash-flow and payments.

How we can help your Gastroenterology Practice

  • Increase cashflow and revenue
  • 99% error free claims submissions
  • Reduce your existing coding and billing costs
  • Reduce time in accounts receivables
  • Increase your collections

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