Medical Billing

Florida Medical Billing Services

We provide a team of reimbursement professionals who completely manage your patient accounts, we work from your existing EHR electronic health records and EMR electronic medical records or your source documents; super bill and patient information sheet, to turn your information into cash. Our experienced team will input data, edit claims, file claims electronically, follow up on unpaid claims, send patient statements, post all payments, and adjust for insurance contractual allowances. Your patient account information is always available to you and your staff.


Key AR Management Benefits

  • Increase your Cash-Flow
  • Improve Productivity
  • Certified Coders
  • Lower Cost
  • Revenue Predictability

More Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Company

Outsourcing your receivable management shortens the revenue cycle, provides for higher claim accuracy, strengthens your cash flow and saves your practice money. We eliminate in-house overhead from current billing activities, replace the hit-or-miss approach to in-house billing that results from staff turnover, employee absence, and lack of training. We recognize that each practice has different needs and we tailor our solution and system to meet those needs.

Our Medical Billing Service Details

Extended Business Office (Early Out)

Improving Cash-Flow
Our service is a seamless extension of your current business office that ensures even cash flow and helps reduce overhead expenses. You can keep insurance denials and self-pay accounts from being turned into losses by transferring receivables to Assurance Health Care for management once they reach a certain age (typically 90 days old). Our experienced staff works directly with Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Tri-Care, and all other insurance companies to correct, resubmit and follow up on all unpaid claims. We file claims electronically, edit claims, adjust for insurance contractual allowances, post receipts, and send patient balance statements, while payments are made directly to the practice.

Aged Receivables Clean-up

Insurance Company Collections
A one-time intensive project where receivables, over a certain age (typically 90 days old), are turned into cash. This turnover of aged accounts produces cash for the practice from accounts that are normally written off as denials or uncollectible. Through a system of framing (working the largest and newest balances first), we are able to maximize the speed and amount of cash recovered for the practice. The fee is based solely on results and is determined by the number of accounts, account size, total dollar value, progressive aging, and data integrity.

Accounts Receivable Evaluation

Reducing Uncollectible Accounts
We will determine how your receivables compare to other similar practices targeting your problem areas.

ICD-10 Experienced, The change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was significant and for some it has been a disastrous effect on their cash flow. Now is the time to partner with a proven leader, Assurance Health Care Financial Services, to move forward with a team of experts that can lead the way. When can help if your cash flow has been interrupted.